Haut Chocolat: A Sweet Boutique

If Linda Cunningham wasn't a couture designer with two atelier locations (one in Jacksonville Florida and the other right here in Houston), she'd be a marine biologist. (And it's no surprise that the successful designer and business owner would have the brains to take on an industry filled with uncertainty and risk.) For more than 20 years Cunningham has been designing couture gowns for clients and just this past September she opened a one-of-a-kind, ready-to-wear boutique.

Haut Chocolat, a play on words as well as an accurate description of the invigorating clothes, features designers such as Robert Rodriguez and Ali Ro, along with up-to-date fashion trends and staples. And if recent trends are a little too overwhelming for you, don't worry, the friendly store manager and associates are patient and supportive guides that'll make you feel comfortable walking out the door in a beaded sequined dinner jacket. True to the boutique's slogan, "Haut Chocolat; Delicious Clothes with Sweet Aplomb," each client walks out with a chocolate bar in hand. We can't think of a sweeter way to shop.

Haut Chocolat River Oaks Shopping Center 2001 West Gray Street Houston, Texas 77019 713.523.3400