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Star Wars Day Fun: The Best & Weirdest Star Wars Tattoos

Continuing with the Stars Wars Day theme, we scoured the Internet looking for the best and most innovative Star Wars tattoos, honoring the trilogy and its characters. We wonder if George Lucas could actually sue you and take your skin back as copyright infringement. Maybe we shouldn't give him any real ideas, not that what we have any SW tats ourselves.

Well, not yet. We do have a lot of unclaimed skin left.

Predictably, the dark side of the Force is represented the most widely in the tattoo world, with second place probably going to R2-D2 as the other most-likely-to-be-a-tattoo character in the SW universe.

Can you imagine that there is a sicko out there with a Jar Jar Binks tattoo? They should take his house and kids away from him, or pass a law or something against that sort of thing so he cannot vote or drive a car.

You can see these pictures and others at The Force In The Flesh, a website dedicated to SW ink, and they also have a book out for purchase. Some people use traditional tattoo methods, while others even go for scarification to praise the trilogy.

As for me, if I had to get a SW tattoo, I would most assuredly get a portrait of Lando Calrissian, because he's handsome and smooth. Ah yeah...