Male Strippers Share "Naked Truth" of Dancing For Dollars (sNSFW)

If you loved the movie Magic Mike (and I know a lot of people who did), you might be wondering how much of it was factually accurate. Two Houston-based male strippers have teamed up to write a book about the Playgirl lifestyle, called Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers, and recently talked to Art Attack about the stereotypes, their craziest stories and the, ahem, hardest parts of being a male exotic dancer.

The book, which was released last year, is the brainchild of Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield, both in their 30s.

"We'd been talking about this for years," Whitfield said. "Then this movie comes out, it makes us look really cool, so we decided to get to work on the book."

"When we'd go on tour, we'd both tell stories about the job," Cole said. Many of those stories have ended up in the book. The men said the book is part autobiographical and part instructional. It also covers a lot of the questions most commonly asked of male strippers.