The Pros and Cons of the PS4

The PS4 is literally the first launch day system that I have bought since the original Playstation, and certainly the first that I picked up on opening day. I spent all weekend with Sony's bright new hope for the gaming world, and here's the Playstation Pluses and Minus Worlds I've noticed so far.

Pro: The PS4 retails at $399 and comes with the system, an HDMI cable (Finally), an ear bud headset (A nice touch, I thought), and a controller. It even technically came with a game if you pre-ordered like I did. GameStop included both a free 30-day Playstation Plus membership that offers free downloads for games like Contrast, which looks awesome, and $10 to the PSN store. For a 500GB eighth generation system it's honestly a pretty sweet deal.

Con: Though they say it isn't mandatory to use the system, for all intents and purposes resign yourself to paying $4 to $10 a month to join Playstation Plus. Online gaming will be impossible without it on the system, and more and more games are going that way. It's a good deal, honestly, what with the many free downloads, perks, and all, but I do hate that the idea of paying to belong to a system's network is becoming more mainstream.