In Fashion: 7 Must-Reads in Style

Though I rely heavily on digital media for news and entertainment, I still love to buy and read the actual, physical fashion magazines. I went on a trip last weekend and I spent many happy hours on planes and in airports, poring over my copies of Vogue, ELLE, InStyle and Vanity Fair. You can't examine photos on a computer screen the way you can on a glossy magazine page; you can't make notes in the margins, either.

The first of the summer issues had many beautiful features, and I encourage you to go out and grab these issues off the newsstand. In the meantime, here are the digital versions to give you a sneak peek:


"Emma Watson's New Day" illustrates that Emma Watson is more than just Hermione Granger's vessel. The Burberry cover girl talks movies, privacy and growing up--and she models some beautiful clothing and jewelry while she does it.

"Fit for a Princess: Charlene Whittstock" gives us a glimpse into the life of the future bride of Prince Albert of Monaco. The 33-year-old former Olympian has a lower profile than my favorite commoner-turned-royal, Kate Middleton, but I'm quickly becoming a Charlene fan. Charlene talks sports and her evolving personal style in this short feature.

"Taking Hold: The Clutch" has six fashionistas showing off some of the latest clutches--and revealing what they keep inside them. What do I keep in my bag at all times? Chanel Rouge CoCo Shine lipstick in Elise, Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in Summer Plum, Rosebud Salve, a pen and paper, ID and a debit card. What's in yours?

Vanity Fair (June 2011)

In "Charlie Sheen's War" we get a look at just how far the star has fallen, as well as insight into the imperfections of the other players in this crazy game of addiction, money and power. I had more sympathy for Charlie than I thought I would by the end.

"In Character, Starring ..." is a slideshow of some of our favorite actors "in a series of roles and dramatic situations to reveal the essence of their characters." In the June print issue we see Cheryl Hines; the online version has 34 slides, and they are a hoot.

"Elizabeth Taylor's Closing Act"--enough said.


My major girl-crush on Emma Stone is only fueled by her June cover shoot and accompanying story, "Emma Stone: Riot Girl."