Your Summer Wardrobe is Already Passé -- Resort 2013 Is Here!

Because fashion and online editors know there is nothing we hate more than productivity, they have been compiling slideshow after slideshow of the best looks from the Resort 2013 collections. Who could expect us to finish an article or complete a month's worth of invoicing or hit a deadline for a marketing report, when there are dresses and separates and shoes (oh my!) to be ogled, bookmarked and researched for affordable dupes?

Resort collections are great because the simpler designs are so approachable. Casual and sporty, resort appeals to a much broader market than its haute couture cousin; chances are, if you see something you love from a resort collection from Chanel or Oscar de la Renta, you can probably pick up something similar at the mall, whether you shop at a department store or at retailers like J.Crew and Banana Republic. Trina Turk's capsule collection for Banana Republic, being released on June 7, perfectly coincides with resort season, and resort is what Turk does best -- in particular her prints, and prints are the best part of what is showing up in other Resort 2013 collections.

To peruse the Resort 2013 collections, check out slideshows at Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Let's take a look at some of the best use of prints emerging from these collections, and maybe we can even wear one or two before the next set of designs knocks them off the runway.

For Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear it was florals, and for summer it has been animal and ethnic prints. The trend for distinctive prints continues with the 2013 Resort collections. The Bottega Veneta collection has pieces that are practically office-appropriate -- the cardigans and sheath dresses are more Banana Republic Mad Men collection than pretty poolside dresses. Skipping over the odd, Jane Lynch-as-Sue Sylvester track suits (is creative director Tomas Maier a Glee fan?) and focusing on separates, the Veneta Resort 2013 collection has prints of all shapes and sizes in the rotation: This subtle, almost-herringbone-like pattern is set in a diagonal, making it layerable; utilitarian, but not boring. It's particularly striking when layered with a floral sweater set in matching neutral colors. When that same diagonal, almost-herringbone reappears in a tulip wrap skirt, we faint.

Try: This black-and-white grid-patterned sheath ($88) or this black-and-white "shadow print" ($138) sheath from Ann Taylor.

The more stylized Chanel collection (think "Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI go clubbing in NYC") is a bit distracting, but the classic Chanel tweed -- itself a timeless neutral -- is ever present. The mix-and-match of long skirts with the traditional Chanel boxy jacket is kind of fun. Sure, the skirts' length and volume combine to give them a bit of a "daring Mennonite" feel (daring because the ankles are showing), but isn't that refusal to deliver safe, sporty resort wear one of the reasons we love Uncle Karl so very much?

Also, this:

We know that's not a print, but it's a dude. In clam diggers. Carrying an oversized watering can.

Try: First, try not to be a dude wearing clam diggers and carrying an oversized watering can. Next, to emulate classic Chanel, check out this J.Crew Collection sequined, boxy cropped jacket in the Chanel style ($398) or this J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Caribbean tweed ($128).

The prints continue to grow bolder and more decisive with Oscar de la Renta and DKNY. The de la Renta prints range from feminine florals to graphic black and whites, and then after merging the two, de la Renta moves on to mixing in bold colors; we love the arresting royal -- almost electric -- blue. DKNY also worked in bold hues, predominantly in bright pinks, in both solids and '80s-style graphic prints, as well as a more muted pink sequin employed in cocktail attire.

Try: You will find plenty of bright pinks in the Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection come June 7. For a bolder, DKNY-esque '80s vibe, look for a zebra print that echoes her pink-and-black motif: Zebra/floral pencil skirt from Black House/White Market ($49 from $88), or the Little Tee Dress (2-ways) from Victoria's Secret ($39.50 from $49.50).