5 Things Gamers Don't Have to Put Up With Anymore

I recently reread an article I had written upon the death of the Playstation 2 talking about how my wife had bought it for me when I asked her to marry me, and how it had brought us together as a family. It's easily one of my favorite pieces of writing ever, and it made me all nostalgic.

So when Father's Day rolled around and my wife asked me what I wanted, I decide to fire up the old PS2 and play some of the titles I had never gotten around to. Things like the first Half-Life, or Dragon Quest VII, or Katamari. She obliged, and over the last week I've had a steady stream of PS2 gold come in one at a time from various used game vendors across the country.

And even though I am having the time of my life playing the games, I realize now just how far gaming has come even in just the last ten years. It's not just graphics and online play. I'm talking about things that the gaming industry finally got around to fixing in the seventh generations systems that we had put up with from gaming's beginning. Things like...

Flashback Goodbye PS2, A Non-Asshole Boyfriend's Remembrance

Autosaving: We make jokes all the time about how easy games are, and I'll touch on that a bit more in a minute. The thing that I love these days is the fact that saving a game has become completely automatic because frankly, why would someone playing a game through the first time know when it was a good time to save?

I started playing the original Half-Life, and do you have any idea how many times I had to sit through the opening scene where the sample explodes because I fell into any number of the one-hit kills in the action that follows it? It was at least a dozen before I realized I had to save every few seconds myself. Then there as the fact that I had to repeat it all over again anyway because I got fed up in one place and quit, only to find my save file now had me stuck getting whacked by a fan in an inescapable loop until I started a new game. Which brings me to...

Stopping Whenever You Want: In the previous example it was late, I was tired, and I was done being beaten by a stupid vent fan. All I wanted was to go to bed by that point, but I had to wait for the reload. I didn't, and now I was back listening to the two scientists bitch at each other while I waited to press a freakin' button.

That's not to mention that games from this era were still regularly making it impossible to pause cut scenes or to skip them. Gamemakers were basically saying, "Look, we spent oodles of money on the mini movie and you're going to sit there and watch it!" That's fine, David Lynch, but some of us have kids that call out in the night, dogs that need to go outside, bladders to empty, laundry to switch over, etc. It's just ridiculous how long it took developers to figure out the pause button for cut scenes or other mandatory exposition. A poopie diaper doesn't care how gorgeous the renders are.