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Captain Planet Marathon, and 6 Other Cartoons We'd Watch for 14 Hours

Sunday, April 22, is the 42nd annual Earth Day. Celebrated in over 170 countries, the holiday is meant to call attention to environmental crises all across the world. The day's founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson, credits the widespread popularity of the movement to legitimizing environmental reform.

Cartoon Network's BOOMERANG has decided to show its support by running a 14-hour, commercial-free marathon of the popular environmental action show Captain Planet on the same day starting at 6 a.m/5 a.m. CST. The show, which is now in development for a live-action film, focused on five teenagers with magic rings controlling the classical elements of fire, wind, water, earth... and heart? Really?

By combining the rings, the Planeteers could summon a superhero named Captain Planet who used his considerable might and even more considerable resemblance to Kirk Cameron to shut down the polluting plots of the regular cast of sleazy supervillains. Yes, it was a little too hippy and preachy, but it was kind of nice to have a show that wasn't all about selling its rather unfortunate action figures.

We applaud any overindulgence in the cartoons of our youth, especially if it's for a good cause. Here's some of the other series we wish would get the commercial-free marathon treatment.