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Top 4 Most Devastating Wrestling Moves (Invented by Japanese Women)

Art Attack spent a little time in the squared circle as a luchador, trained by the amazing Javio Flores Sr., and we're here to tell you that wrestling is freakin' hard. It hurts, a lot, and you spend months or years building up a tolerance for the holds, plexes, bombs and slams. Even just bouncing off of the ropes, something that looks painless and fun on TV, becomes a quick study in agony once you realize that the ropes are as tight as elevator cables and you have to hit them pretty hard to bend them.

It didn't take long for us to bow out of the big dream, mostly the product of a badly timed top rope stunt that ended in two fractured wrists, a concussion and a broken nose. Still, in that time we can tell you that we learned plenty of moves that would make mincemeat out of any but the manliest men.

Then, of course, we found out that most of them were invented by Japanese women, and that every one of them was capable of kicking our ass with both hands tied behind their backs.