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The X Factor: The Final Five

It's Dance Music Hits week on The X Factor! Last night contestants were assigned two songs to perform, but this week is a single elimination week to bring us to a final four. After the first set of performances, Steve breaks out some killer news: There was a communication error in the Pepsi Challenge song choice (America's choice), so instead the contestants will perform...songs they choose themselves!

This show is so edgy.

Team Simon

Melanie Amaro

Song #1: Adele "Someone Like You": Melanie doesn't look entirely comfortable in the dance version of this number, largely because she is standing stationary on a runway while dancers do all the, uh -- dancing.

L.A.: "The only thing that bothered me was that it was really good." Nicole: "You looked and sounded like the rock star diva that you are." Paula: "That was a great way to open up the show." Simon: "It wasn't karaoke. You will have a hit record with that version."

Song #2: Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston "When You Believe" -- A very Melanie song and you can see why she chose it for her "save me" song. And, oh look! Another choir. The judges mostly love it, although L.A. thinks it was safe.

Rachel Crow

Song #1: B.o.B/Bruno Mars "Nothin' On You": Rachel shows great energy and the song is perfect, although I'm not sure these are her best vocals. That said, she is obviously having a blast.

L.A.: "You're such a little star!" Nicole: "That was the perfect song for you, fun and youthful." Paula: "You are beautifully fearless. I think this is your best performance in the whole competition." Simon: "That was a great choice of song. Well done."

Song #2: Michael Jackson "Music & Me": L.A. loved the song, and he clearly loves Rachel. The other judges gush as well, and Simon obviously adores her.

Team Nicole: Josh Krajcik

Song #1: Rihanna "We Found Love": Seriously, where does this guy fit into dance hit week? Nowhere. His vocals are obviously amazing, but this isn't going to be Josh's week no matter what. Josh fans should be worried.

L.A.: "In the recording world I could never really see you doing this song. I didn't buy it." Paula: "Josh can take any song and make it believable as a dance hit." Simon: "Unfortunately you were surrounded by a ridiculous dance routine." Nicole: "You just showed how relevant, versatile and current you are as an artist."

Song #2: Beatles "Something": Simon thinks the performance is too intense, and Josh does look a little crazy sometimes. Still, this is a good song for him and the other judges like the song choice. Nicole calls Josh the male Adele, and then tries to coin the term "Kracjik magic."

Team L.A.

Marcus Canty

Song #1: Chaka Khan "Ain't Nobody": A neon gospel-esque mash-up of an '80s Body Glove ad and a Robert Palmer video -- I can't describe it any other way.

Nicole: "You took us to church and the dance club at the same time! You have earned your spot to be here today!" Paula: "You performed like it's the first time we saw you." Simon: "That was a very, very good performance." L.A.: "Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote!"

Song #2: Donny Hathaway "A Song For You": The save-me song has become quite literal -- contestants pick songs that actually interpret as "save me, please, audience, with your Tweets!" Again, the judges seem happy with it overall. Simon -- who stuck Drew in a chair to sing Michael Jackson -- thinks it was boring, and actually says, "I wasn't jumping out of my chair." Neither did Drew, Simon and where is she this week? ZING!

Chris Rene

Song #1: T.I./Rihanna "Live Your Life": Not sure why there is an airport moveable walkway under Chris's feet, but this song was a little bit of a snoozefest for me.

Nicole: "It sounds like it's your own song." Paula: "This was one of the most fun performances I've seen. I loved it, I love you." Simon: "I think you are doing brilliant." L.A.: "You keep improving each week. You made it your own. All you need now is votes, my man."

Song #2: Chris Rene Original "Where Do We Go From Here": Chris sits on a stool, playing guitar, and actually sings. Oh, and it's amazing. The judges go nuts for it, even Simon, who calls it a "stroke of genius."

The X Factor live results show airs tonight at 7 p.m. CT on Fox. You can watch video excerpts from last night's episode online.