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Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz: Answer Some Questions and Win Movie Tickets

Avast, ye mateys! The new Pirates of the Caribbean joint, On Stranger Tides, hits theaters May 20. Want a chance to see it on May 16 without having to dip into your own treasure chest? Here's your chance. After the jump, take our little quiz. Send your answers to [email protected], and the first 10 people to answer all seven correctly nabs the booty (a pass for two to see the film).

And don't think that just knowledge of the films will win you the tickets. Art Attack is a crafty band of scurvy dogs. So, get your trivia on and make a date with Captain Jack Sparrow.

1. One of the POTC films was the most expensive film to ever be made costing $300 million. Which one was it?

2. Geoffrey Rush, who played Barbossa, was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the film The King's Speech. In fact, he's been nominated for an Oscar four times but only won once. What was the role that gave him his one victory?

3. Captain Jack Sparrow told the tale of his escape from a deserted island, where he was left for dead. He claimed he strapped himself to a pair of turtles and rode them out to sea. What did he use to strap himself to the turtles (be specific)?

4. The role of Sparrow was actually written for a well-known Australian actor, but he was never offered the role because Disney did not consider him a big enough star. Who was he?

5. Jack the monkey is a Capuchin, a breed that has appeared in other films like Monkey Shines, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Night at the Museum. A Capuchin was also the pet of Ross Gellar on the television show Friends. What was the name of Ross' pet monkey?

6. Lee Arenberg, who plays one half of the bumbling duo Pintel and Rigetti, appeared in two episodes of the sitcom Seinfeld. In one of the episodes, Jerry inadvertently broke his character's thumbs by doing what?

7. Johnny Depp has admitted in interviews that doing POTC was as much about doing a film his kids could watch as anything else. His very first film role, A Nightmare on Elm Street, was definitely not for kids. How did he die his famously bloody death in that early role?

Passes are for the Monday, May 16 7:30 p.m. screening at Edwards Marq*E Cinema, I-10 and Silber Road. Each ticket gets two people in. Caution: Arrive early. First come only guaranteed seats.