Miguel Tejada, If That’s Your Real Name…

When the news about Miguel Tejada's actual age broke yesterday, the Chron's Jose de Jesus Ortiz spun it as Tejada voluntarily coming forward with the information because he wanted his new team to have the correct information about him, and he didn't want the Astros to find this information out from anybody else. Now, I speculated this someone might be The Feds.

I was wrong.

As the day passed yesterday, the word began leaking out that someone in the media had gotten a hold of the real information and given it to the Astros, and the Astros went to Tejada about it. Today, we discover that a reporter with ESPN confronted Tejada with his real birth certificate during an interview, which you can see here.

Tejada doesn't take this too well, and he storms off of the set.

But the most interesting part, to me, was at the end, with the interviewer asking if the Feds knew his correct age and NAME.


You mean he's lying about his name, too? There is some importance to this because if he's in the U.S. on a fake name, he could be deported, and with that whole perjury thing hanging over his head, he would probably not be allowed back in the States. Now, Ortiz tells us that Tejada's green card and driver's license have his correct birth date. But I'm kind of questioning that assertion -- first, because Ortiz likely believes anything he's told, second because Tejada's actions on the video aren't exactly the actions of a guy who has provided all of the correct information to legal authorities, and finally, well, if these documents are correct regarding his age, do they have his real name?

And, just how voluntary was this confession to the Astros yesterday? ESPN hit Tejada with the info at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia. Did Tejada storm out of the interview and head for Cecil Cooper and give him the info? Did he race the ESPN reporter? And Ortiz's story is contradictory in that it tells us that Tejada unburdened himself to the Astros, yet Ortiz also writes that the Astros went to Tejada, told him they knew the truth, and that they were going to correct the info on their press materials.

Now the Astros joked about the whole thing yesterday, saying that they still didn't know Jose Cruz, Sr.'s real age. But with this little thing, and the Mitchell Report, and the perjury investigation, you've really got to be wondering just how comfortable Ed Wade's going to be when Drayton walks into his office today.

And damn it, I just want to know what Tejada's real name is. – John Royal