Texans-Broncos: Houston Wins (Although It Doesn’t Really Count), Ahman Green Injured (Although That Was Expected)

I tried to watch the Texans play the Denver Broncos on Saturday night. I swear that I did. But damn, when men’s gymnastics over on NBC are more exciting than the Texans, then there’s just no reason to keep watching.

I did watch most of the first half. And imagine my shock when Ahman Green was injured on the very first play. Who would have ever imagined something like that? I know that I didn’t because I had the fifth minute of the second preseason game in my Ahman Green injury pool, but luckily, it only cost me five bucks. John McClain over at the Chron thinks us fans are being a bit rough on Green; after all, McClain writes, “He suffered a pulled groin muscle. I know fans are angry and frustrated with Green at the same time, but it's a legit injury. The key is having him ready for the start of the season.”

But I raise the following questions: how can the guy be ready for the start of the season if he’s injured in the preseason and can’t get ready? Second, has anybody seen any indication that, even if Green is ready for the start of the season, he’ll actually be able to go a game or two without an injury?

McClain argues that if Green stays hurt this season, the Texans will cut him. I ask, why wait? Dump him now. Give one of the youngsters a try – just as long as Kubiak doesn’t try resurrecting the career of another Denver Bronco flameout. It’s not like the running game was that great last year.

It was also not shocking to see that, once again, Sage Rosenfels appeared to be more effective than Matt Schaub. In the past, I would use the argument that Rosenfels looked more effective because he was playing against the Broncos scrubs. Then again, after watching Rosenfels be more effective than Schaub in games against number one defenses during the regular season last year, I’m no longer making that argument. Of course, after the Texans traded some draft picks and gave Schaub a big contract, I’m not expecting him to be sitting on the bench anytime soon.

But it was just an exhibition game from which Bob McNair got to extort regular season prices, so I don’t really care about the outcome. The Texans did win the game on a Kris Brown field goal with time running out in the game – so I see the Texans are still running the same offensive system as last year (pray that they’re close enough for a field goal) – but I don’t really think it matters.

The Texans are supposed to play the Saints this weekend. I’ll try to watch that one, too. But truthfully, don’t expect me to care until the real season starts. – John Royal