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Douchebags and Death Threats: Todd Graham and Rich Rodriguez

Todd Graham may think being called a douchebag by The MOB is tough, but he should be thankful he’s not Rich Rodriguez, and he should be thankful that he hasn’t just left West Virginia for Michigan.

Rich Rodriguez is the highly sought after football coach who revitalized the West Virginia football program and to whom millions of dollars were given to take over the Michigan football problem. There was just one problem: Rodriguez was under contract.

The MOB just resorts to calling a coach a douchebag when he splits, leaving the school stuck with no coach despite a contract. But the people of West Virginia don’t think the same way as those at Rice – some might even question the ability of West Virginians to think in the first place.

West Virginia University is currently suing Rodriguez for breach of contract. But I think, all things considered, Rodriguez could live with that. Especially seeing as how members of his family are dealing with harassment and death threats. His son has received death threats. His daughter must be escorted to school. His house has been vandalized.

Jeez, people, it’s only football. I’m sure there are plenty of people available to coach the bumpkins of West Virginia. Oh, yeah, that’s right, you’ve already found one. A nice little racist. No wonder Rodriguez wanted to get the hell out.

But that’s not all for college football’s coaching carousel follies.

Former Houston Oiler quarterbacks coach June Jones took a Hawaii football program that made Rice look like Texas and turned it into a BCS Bowl team. But, according to our friends at the Dallas Observer, Jones didn’t like his carpet at Hawaii and decided to make a change, so he’s come back to Texas, becoming the new head coach at SMU up in Dallas. And currently, SMU makes Rice look like Southern California.

Now, along with the lack of new carpet, Jones apparently didn’t like that he was responsible for such things as scheduling his own press conferences, setting up photo shoots, and handling player PR. Apparently, this is above a football coach.

The Observer also tells us that Jones is one of those bible-thumpers, so he should fit in well in Dallas. But the question should be asked: what would Jesus do? Would He abandon the people who believed in Him? Who had faith in Him? Would Jesus really dump the afflicted for the easy life?

I think not. But then again, maybe that’s why Jesus probably would suck as a football coach. – John Royal