Rich Gedman Hearts Roger Clemens, and He’ll Cuss You Out to Prove It

It’s been a while since there’s been a Rocket sighting, but last weekend, Roger Clemens decided to go to a Worcester Tornadoes baseball game in Worcester, Massachusetts. You’ve probably never heard of the Worcester Tornadoes, which is probably because the Tornadoes are an independent minor league team in the Cam-Am League. And if you’re wondering why the Rocket was there visiting the dugout and bullpen, well, that’s because the Tornadoes are managed by Clemens’s former Red Sox catcher, Rich Gedman.

Kevin O’Malley, the Tornadoes beat writer for the Worcester Telegraph & Gazette, decided to write a story about the visit. And he mentioned how Rocket got a police escort out the bullpen between innings, and how he signed autographs for team employees, but not for fans, and how he was met with some boos when he was announced to the crowd. Rich Gedman saw this story, and decided to have it out with the reporter. “You had a chance to do something special yesterday and you couldn't (expletive) do it, could you?” Gedman said. “Clemens shows up here and you dog him in the newspaper. Shame on you; you're (expletive) and then you have the nerve to ask me about the game, right. You're a (expletive), get the (expletive) out of here.”

I really don’t have much to add. I just thought we could all use some Rocket news. But I do want to say this: Rocket, dude. Stay home. Keep on the downlow. Don’t bring attention to yourself. Unless that is, of course, Debbie doesn’t want you around the house. So in that case, if you must go out, just stay away from the Astros minor league system because the Astros minor league clubs are screwed up enough as it is. – John Royal