John Royal’s Friends’ Top Twenty Sports Moments of 2007, Part One

If you’ve been reading the past couple of days, you’ve seen my list of the Top 20 Sports Moments of 2007. Well, I asked several of my friends for their suggestions, and here’s the first half of what they came up with.

1. Boise State started out the New Year by upsetting Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Not only was this one of the biggest upsets, ever, in bowl history, it was one of the best games in bowl history. Boise State blew a big lead in the fourth quarter, then fell behind only to score on a trick play with time running out, sending the game to overtime. After Adrian Peterson gave Oklahoma the lead in OT, Boise State went back to the trick play bag to score a touchdown, then pull off the Statue of Liberty play for the two-point conversion.

To make things even better, Boise State running back Ian Johnson, after scoring the winning two-point conversion, proposed to his girlfriend, a Boise State cheerleader, on national TV during his post-game interview.

It made for some truly compelling television, and you can see the big highlights by clicking here.

2. The Houston Dynamo, playing only their second season in Houston, won their second straight MLS title. Apparently, the Dynamo didn’t get the memo from the Texans, the Astros or the Rockets about pro teams in the city having to suck.

3. One friend sent me a note saying he thought the biggest moment of the sporting year was Erin Andrews winning Playboy’s Sexiest Sports Broadcaster competition. She’s not scheduled to be posing for the magazine, and there’s been no comment from previous winner Jill Arrington.

4. Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy finally showed the world that yes, they can win The Big One as the Colts beat up on the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl. Dungy then lost some of his good will by appearing at an anti-gay marriage rally, and Peyton Manning continued with his policy of never turning down a commercial.

5. Craig Biggio got his 3,000th hit, but instead of being content with a single, he tried to stretch it into a double and got nailed at second base.

6. Henry Aaron, continuing to show the world how classy people should act, congratulated Barry Bonds by video just after Bonds hit home run 756 to break Aaron’s record.

7. The San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers to win, once again, the NBA Title. As a friend tells me in his note, this is proof, once again, that the “team” is more important than the individual.

It also proves what can happen when you can use Robert Horry for the purpose of deliberately trying to injure the opposition’s best player during a vital stretch of a vital playoff game.

8. And speaking of teams and individuals, after weeks of Toyota Center crowds chanting “We want Steve” in an attempt to get former franchise point guard into a game, Steve Francis finally scored regular season points for the Rockets.

9. Speaking of classy, the Tulsa athletic director filed a complaint with Conference USA officials after the Rice Owl band, The MOB, taunted current Tulsa and former Rice coach Todd Graham at halftime of the Tulsa/Rice game. Apparently, calling the former coach a douchebag is a no-no, but stealing a coach under contract is okay.

10. And a big hockey fan of mine suggested I mention the Anaheim Ducks (no longer the Anaheim Mighty Ducks) defeating the Ottawa Senators in five games to win the Stanley Cup, once again forcing the people of Canada to watch a team in a city with no hockey interest or hockey history win the title of their country’s national sport.

Tune in tomorrow for the second half. – John Royal