Cheap Breakfast: McDonald's "Big Breakfast"

There are some things about the open road that induce cravings for fast food. Perhaps it's the convenience, maybe the monotony, or just the excuse to indulge in greasy, sugary, salty foods, but McDonald's always seems to make an appearance on my road food menu - especially for breakfast.

Thankfully, my driving partner took the reins as I settled in to devour the meal of three hotcakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuit and hash browns known simply as the Big Breakfast. Cheap ($4.85), fast and massive, this Styrofoam encased giant of a meal will probably fill you up straight through lunch.

For my particular meal, the high points were the sausage and eggs. The sausage was spicy and satisfied my craving for some breakfast meat. The eggs were soft, fluffy, buttery and incredibly satisfying -- and I'm not a huge eggs for breakfast kinda gal. The hotcakes were nice and steamy, although a bit on the gummy side, but feasible nonetheless. The unnecessary biscuit was easily dismissed after the top and bottom proved to be tougher than an elephant's hide. The hash browns were greasy as usual (their weird, deep fried rendition of the hash brown), but were crispy and salty. All in all, I'd give it three out of five stars. Bravo, McDonald's. Bravo.