Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day: A Word of Caution

Once a year, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shops give out free ice cream cones to anyone willing to wait in line. Yes, a scoop of ice cream comes with the cone. Next time you get snarky, please be more original.

With our usual philanthropist attitude of public service, Eating Our Words took to the streets of downtown Houston to go see about the "Free Cone Day" buzz over at the Ben & Jerry's on Texas.

If, like us, you put your trust in Google Maps, this is what you saw:

Shock. Awe. Betrayal. Google Maps, you're usually so good to us! We've followed you around the confusing streets of Houston for years, and you've never let us down before. Yet the first result to come up in a Google Maps search for Ben & Jerry's is 909 Texas St. Ste. #D, and there is nothing there.

Unless it's in the tunnels. Is it in the tunnels, Google Maps? ANSWER ME!

Alas, no. A quick search of the more reliable and Houston-based b4-u-eat.com shows us that Google Maps for whatever reason had it wrong: the store was located in Suite C, not Suite D, and as you can plainly see in the above picture, there ain't nothin' in Suite C.

So go out and enjoy your Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day, people of Houston. They have a new Ginger Snap flavor that tastes like all the best parts of your childhood in a teaspoon. But do your homework first, before you even head out the door. We recommend a quick look-up on b4-u-eat (and a quick phone call to the store nearest you), because we're not speaking to Google Maps at the moment, and Free Cone Day seems to have effectively crashed Ben & Jerry's website.