5 Best Things to Order at House of Pies BESIDES Pie

It goes without saying that if you visit House of Pies you should order a wedge of Bayou Goo, Washington Cherry, Texas Pecan, or any other of their terrific types of pie. But men and women cannot subsist on pie alone (believe me, I've tried). Here are five other menu items to pair with your pie:

5. Patty Melt Deluxe. The difference between a traditional cheeseburger and a diner-style beef patty melt is the use in the latter of heavily buttered or greased bread rather than a bun. That distinguishing factor alone makes House of Pies' patty melt worth trying; the half pound of steak meat cooked to order, ample slices of cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and tomato are lovely added bonuses.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake. "You know what this piece of pie needs? A side of cheesecake!" Can't tell you how often I've heard those words....coming out of my own mouth. With a thick buttery crust of graham cracker crumbs, a solid interior of dense sugary cream cheese, and a generous portion of berry topping, the strawberry cheesecake easily stands up to any of House of Pies' other more popular circular desserts.

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