This Week in Food Blogs: A Halal Blog in Houston

Did you know there's a blog that focuses on halal food in the Houston area? It's called "Zain's Halal Reviews." Zain is a college student and his current post is about Zato Thai & Sushi at 421 Sawdust in The Woodlands. He gives it high marks for speedy service, but finds the Pad Thai to be lacking as compared to Anothai. Thanks to Kim of "Adventures In A New-ish City" for listing this on her blogroll. We're happy to add it to the rotation.

Speaking of Adventures In a New-ish City, there's a new post there as well. It's on Local Foods in Upper Kirby and Kim says it is her new favorite lunch spot. She declares the truffled egg salad sandwich to be the best sandwich she's ever had and her mom says the lemongrass soup, filled with chicken, wonton crisps, and cilantro is the best soup that she's ever had. Surely this is not hyperbole. Well, go try these yourself and see what you think. Both sound really good.

Why do we not have amazing vending machines in the United States like there are in Japan? Houston should have a ramen machine like the one at Haneda Airport. Check out the photos at the "My Elastic Pants" blog.

The Sugar and Cloth blog has a neat idea for Valentine's Day: get a bunch of big, heart-shaped macarons from Tout Suite and paint messages on them in edible gold. It looks like these cookies are a special order item, so call Tout Suite ahead of time to ask about them.

It's hard to get motivated to eat fresh salads in the winter when cravings lean naturally towards soups and other warm, comforting items. The Pancake Princess understands and has crafted a Winter Harvest salad featuring butternut squash, broccoli and pomegranate seeds.

Finally, there are a few new restaurant visits detailed at the Coco Dijon blog. They love the ambiance and the Benedict Duo at 60 Degrees Mastercrafted's brunch but then understandably lose their appetite when they find a hair in their scallops. To the credit of the restaurant, it sounds like they bent over backwards to make amends. Sometimes, these things just happen.

The blog also visits The Blue Fish, which isn't as aesthetically pleasing. The ambiance gets low marks for being dark and loud, making it hard to read the menu. However, the food overall is praised, including an Ahi Tuna Tower that was so good they ordered another one.

That's it for This Week In Food Blogs! Do you know of an interesting blog that hasn't been featured here lately? Email us a link and we'll check it out.