The 5 Greatest Discontinued Desserts

For people who have an unhealthy relationship with food, dessert is an extremely important part of the meal. It's the sweet reward for struggling through all the harsh, bitter flavors of entrees like chicken fried steak, pizza, prime rib, hamburgers, stuffed pork chops, and other disgusting stuff. Our brains no longer even send us the signal to stop eating until we've had that final sugary morsel to wrap it all up.

Over the years, giant corporations have been kind enough to whip up some truly amazing dessert foods, and then, just when we got hooked, discontinued them. No one knows why. Sure, you'll hear some "low sales" whisperings, but we suspect it's simply because they're spiteful bastards. Here are some of the best extinct desserts out there. If you've had them, prepare to get all wistful, nostalgic, and hungry. If you never had them... guess you'll just have to trust us.