This Week In Food Blogs: Cantaloupe Pie, Going Nuts for Nut Milk & More

H-Town Chow Down: After being asked when he started writing about food, Albert Nurick tells us about his journey into food writing and how it all started with a list of restaurants he liked the best. This 1994 restaurant list, which you can still find online today, turned into an Austin Dining Guide and eventually brought him back to Houston, where H-Town Chow Down began.

Texas Monthly: Most of us eat our cantaloupe just as it is, but Texas Monthly offers a way to use this juicy fruit in a pie. The cantaloupe is cut into small cubes, cooked over low heat, then mashed and mixed with flour, nutmeg, butter, egg yolks and sugar. It's even topped with a meringue.

Nation's Restaurant News: Nut milks have taken the country, and now restaurants, by storm. Nation's Restaurant News reports that many chefs are incorporating these liquids, like almond milk, into many dishes in their restaurants. Dave Santos, chef of Louro in NYC, makes his own almond milk and uses it in braised pork to add a nuttiness and creaminess to the meal.

The Guardian: Here's another reason to indulge in cherries this summer: The Guardian writes that the fruit has anti-inflammatory capabilities and can effectively treat swelling in the joints. Cherries can also help you sleep better because they raise melatonin levels. Sit down with a bowl of sweet-tart cherries this summer, or make the cherry and rose cake recipe from The Guardian.

Urban Swank: This week, Shanna "Urban Girl" Jones visited Fung's Kitchen while driving through her old stomping grounds. Luckily, she stopped by while the restaurant offered full-service dim sum. Jones recommends having the Har gau, steamed shrimp dumplings, and the Siu mai, open-topped steamed pork dumplings.

Almost Veggie Houston: Not all arcades serve greasy, not-too-sure-if-it-is-edible food; Dave & Buster's actually offers some scrumptious and presentable dishes, like the spinach dip, citrus shrimp skewers with veggies and chicken and waffles (with syrup, though). What was thought to be a terrible dining experience turned into a pleasant lunch.