Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Ask, and you shall receive. Joanna O'Leary was wondering about good places in Houston to dine solo, and reader Gilgameshstockings had a few suggestions:

Rioja, Dolce Vita, Poscol, Vieng Thai, Sushi King, Kanomwan, Tan Tan, Doneraki, Jamaica House, One's a Meal, Zake, Aladdin, Niko's, Cova, Jeannine's Bistro, Kaneyama, Hobbit

Most of these have bars, and a lot have flexi-hours, as in they're open all afternoon.

I've never understood the apprehension about eating alone. I'd rather dine with myself, or with a good human companion in the form of a novel or magazine, than with 80% of people.

Strangely, this comment makes us want to dine with you, Gilgameshstockings. Go figure...