BB's Cheeseburger Cries Out for Gravy

Why did I order the cheeseburger and fries at BB's Cajun Cafe on Montrose when they have so many great poor boys? Granted, the handcut fresh-out-of-the-fryer shoestring potatoes were nothing short of spectacular. But the ground beef patty on the burger was too lean, pressed too thin, and overcooked.

The fluffy soft bun and the big pile of lettuce, tomato and chopped onions helped. But the burger still tasted a bit dry, even with pickle chips, mustard and mayo. My tablemate saved the day--he suggested I dip each bite of burger in the incredible dark brown gravy that came with his grillades and grits. Wow! Suddenly, I started fantasizing about ordering a burger and fries covered with gravy.

Or maybe I should order a roast beef poor boy next time--it comes with the same gravy.

-Robb Walsh