Local Spotlight

The Mr. Monkey Pie at Boheme

Jalapeño and bacon pizza. Need I say more?

Fine, I will: smoked jalapeño and thick-cut, double-wide bacon on my pizza. Oh, and pillows of creamy ricotta, specks of woodsy rosemary, blankets of milky mozzarella, and a healthy slather of subtly sweet, slightly tart tomato sauce.

Imagine all of this on the crispest flatbread known to man and you have yourself the Mr. Monkey pizza at Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar.

Weighing in at $16, this heavyweight champ manages to feel light(ish) thanks to the delicateness of the lavash crust. That is, as light as a pizza with two types of cheese and double-wide bacon can possibly feel.

Really, I don't know how the crust even manages to hold all of the toppings -- but it does with ease.

My man and I shared our Mr. Monkey pie alongside a light and silky bottle of Pinot Noir ($28) on a recent Thursday night. With the gentle strums of a live guitar, charming bulbs of light strung throughout the lush back patio and a nice wine buzz, it was quite the lovely evening.

And did I mention smoked jalapeño and bacon? Yeah.