Pot Luck

Donut Patrol: Quality with Freshness

The lady behind the counter at the Donut Wheel at Bellaire and Boone across the street from Hong Kong City Mall swore that the glazed donuts were fresh out of the oven. They weren't. They were totally mediocre. I also sampled a buttermilk donut -- the one that looks like a blown tire.

On the first Donut Patrol post, Anonymous commented: "I always called the "blown tire" buttermilk donut an "old-fashioned." And you have to get the old-fashioned glazed, not plain as in this picture, that's the tasty version." So I took his or her advice and got a glazed buttermilk, or old-fashioned, donut this time.

The glazed buttermilk at Donut Wheel was excellent -- moist, cake-like and not too sweet. It was way better than the raised and glazed. So now I have expanded my standard order to raised and glazed and glazed buttermilk old-fashioned. What other varieties do you recommend?