Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Mai Pham stopped by Olive & Vine and got us all salivating for some fine olive oil and vinegar. Commenter Mark W seemed to swoon a little:

Jesus Christ on a toast, the truffle oil is the best damn oil I ever had. In fact, I can still remember the beautiful sensation linger in my mouth after I took a sip / shot of it instead of dab it with the free bread.

Please note that they also sell olive oil based lotion and other health care products and it is really, really good. It doesn't smell synthetic and your skin actually feels cooler after putting it on. We didn't buy the oil or vinegar, but we bought the lotion for both sex usage.

Lastly, you didn't describe how awesome of them to seal the bottling in your face with a "faux wax" seal and they have to use a hair dryer to heat the seal up. I think that was one of the nifty part of the bottling service.

All right, we're going to admit that the phrase "we bought the lotion for both sex usage" gave us pause before the actual meaning set in. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Mark W, and happy weekend!