Learn to Make Authentic Tex-Mex with Robb Walsh

If you're going to take a Tex-Mex cooking class, it may as well be from a man who's penned no less than three books on the subject, a man who many acknowledge as the High Priest of the Temple of Tex-Mex: Robb Walsh.

According to his blog, our former food critic decided to offer classes on how to make classic Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas after a conversation with his physical therapist:

"Why don't you give a class about how to make Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas?" Mike, my physical therapist said as he twisted my arm into a pretzel shape. Mike moved here from New York. He observed that there are lots of cooking classes in Houston, but he couldn't find any about Tex-Mex. And since he is helping me recover from rotator cuff surgery, I thought the least I could do is teach him how to make proper enchiladas. And I figured as long as I was going to teach him, I might as well see if anybody else wanted to learn.

Walsh's torn rotator cuff is your opportunity, people!

The class size is currently limited to 12 people, as it will be held in Walsh's own kitchen. (Which, let me just warn you from personal experience, is so awesome that it will make you seethe with rage while you think about your own shitty Formica counters and rusty 1970s-era electric stove back home.)

The first cooking class will be offered on Sunday, January 23, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will cover the very timely subject of Super Bowl food, namely Tex-Mex Super Bowl food that goes beyond just guac and queso.

The second class -- the one on those wonderful cheese enchiladas -- will take place on the following Sunday, January 30, also from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Walsh will teach the attendees how to make their own chili powder, which will then be used to make chili gravy and chile con carne as sauces for those enchiladas.

Tickets to each class are $75 a person and can be purchased online. But at only 12 spots per class, these tickets are guaranteed to go fast. Vaminos!