Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Yesterday Nick Hall wrote about Sidral Mundet, his toasting beverage of choice until he was around 12, when his parents let him have a little real champagne. Commenter TQro, who remembers the soda, grew up with the same parental attitude toward letting the kids have a nip:

Sidral Mundet is my kids' favorite Mexican apple soda and mine as a kid.  We grew up with a Sidral bottle in our hands while running up and down the street playing games of Red Light Green Light.  Ha! Probably not the safest thing to do.   And yes, there is a green apple flavor, I get them at Seller's Brothers. 

BTW, my husband tells our kids 'When you are ready to experience wine, you come to me.  No better teacher than your dad.'

What do the rest of y'all think? When is the right time to have a drink with Mom and Dad?