Dark Chocolate Snickers

It seems like dark chocolate versions of mainstream candies popping up everywhere. While shopping for toiletries at CVS a few days ago, for example, I spotted a Dark Chocolate Snickers. The candy's packaging was appropriately black in color and on the back reads "CHOW-IN-THE-DARK" in Snickers font. A little eerie, if you ask me.

Apparently Dark Chocolate Snickers has been available for since early 2007, but I guess I've been out of the candy loop despite my love of limited-edition foods.

I adore rich dark chocolate, especially in the form of a high-cocoa-content bar or a flourless cake. But I don't gravitate toward the dark side when it comes to cheap candy because I usually eat those treats when I've craving sugary milk chocolate. One exception is Hershey's Special Dark, which I have a special fondness for, having grown up within driving distance of Hershey Chocolate World.

Dark Chocolate Snickers didn't induce the same sort of immediate sugar high as regular Snickers. For some reason I also felt compelled to savor it rather than rip it apart bite by bite...as if the dark chocolate warranted more delicate treatment. Why is dark chocolate associated with refinement and sophistication, while milk chocolate is the opposite?

Since Dark Chocolate Snickers wasn't half bad, I think I'll try dark chocolate Milky Way and maybe even dark chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. But Dark Chocolate Kit Kat? That just seems wrong.