Houston's Best Gluten-Free Dining Options

One of the more frequent questions I'm asked these days is where to find good gluten-free food. And when GF folks ask this question, they're looking for more than an answer of, "Oh, any place that serves vegetables and meat. Can't you figure out your own dietary restrictions?"

No; they're looking for restaurants that specialize in gluten-free menu items, but yet are still mainstream enough to accommodate their friends and family. Luckily for them, an increasing number of restaurants are doing just that.

One of the easiest routes to take as GF diner is, of course, to familiarize yourself with cuisines which are naturally free of gluten. This means getting cozy with South Asian ethnic foods like Indian (steer clear of naan and puri shells), Pakistani and Thai or learning more about sushi -- just make sure to ask for (or bring your own) gluten-free soy sauce.

Ethiopian is another easy option for GF diners: injera, which forms the base of most meals, is made of teff flour and is naturally gluten-free -- but also extremely nutritious. You use injera like a utensil to scoop up your food, which can be anything from all-vegetarian (lentils, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, greens and more) to meat-heavy (doro wot -- or spicy chicken stew -- is a personal favorite as is the raw beef treatment called kitfo).

But back to the idea of being gluten-free and mainstream. Here is a list of options, grouped by category, to please every palate: