Top 5 Ingredients to Add to Coffee

When I go to the grocery store, I always stop by the coffee creamer section to see what new flavors I can try in my coffee the next day. I usually rotate between hazelnut, vanilla, creme brulee and holiday flavors like peppermint mocha; it's fun to change things up.

I love getting to make a Starbucks-worthy drink at home, but sometimes I think there's more I can do to my coffee than just add a flavored creamer and sugar. Here's my top five list of ingredients you can add to your coffee to make your mornings so much better.

5. Different Types of Milk

I have been on the almond milk kick since the summer; almond milk gives my cereal such a wonderful, nutty taste. Try adding a splash of vanilla-flavored or original almond milk for a nutty flavor in your coffee. If you like a slightly sweeter taste, try adding coconut milk. It'll be a nice change from ordinary milk.

4. Vanilla Extract

This ingredient is not just for baking. Give your coffee a strong vanilla taste with 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract per cup of coffee. You'll enjoy the aroma and the overall flavor. If you want to make your coffee beans taste like vanilla, try scraping a vanilla pod into your coffee beans and let it sit overnight. When you roast them in the morning, you'll have a delicious vanilla-flavored coffee.

3. Cinnamon and nutmeg

Sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on your coffee beans before roasting them to create a wonderful coffee that'll remind you of the holidays. The spices will latch on to the coffee beans, allowing you to create a flavored coffee with your favorite coffee beans. No need to buy the pre-flavored blend in the store.

2. Ice Cream

Okay, so this is probably not the healthiest thing to add to your coffee, but you deserve a sweet and over-the-top cup of coffee every once in a while. Make an affogato by adding a tablespoon or two of your favorite ice cream to your hot cup of coffee. The cold ice cream will melt into your hot coffee adding creaminess and sweetness. If you enjoy a mocha flavor, add your favorite chocolate ice cream, or try adding an espresso flavored ice cream to complement the coffee.

1. A Piece of Chocolate

The first time I saw this idea was on Pinterest. The pinner said the chocolate would give the coffee a mocha flavor and promised that the chocolate wouldn't completely melt after all the coffee was gone. I tried this and absolutely loved it. Mochas are my favorite coffee drinks, so adding a piece of silky milk chocolate to my coffee made my morning so much better. The piece of chocolate will slowly melt into the coffee emitting the wonderful flavors of cocoa and sugar, and once you finish your cup, you can drink the rest of the chocolate like syrup. Trust me; this simple addition to your coffee will make you a million times happier throughout the day.

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