The Chocolate Bar's Chocolatta

It's hard to explain how far The Chocolate Bar's frozen hot chocolate, the Chocolatta, exceeded my expectations.

I could use words like "rich," "decadent," "sinful," and still, you'd have no idea what the experience was like. And there are no pictures that could make your mouth water and your brain switch to "must have" mode the way a first sip of the unfortunately named frozen chocolate would, either.

If I had to rewrite the "Five Desserts That are Actually Better Than Sex" piece, I'd have to put the Chocolatta as number one (sorry, Rebecca). Call it hyperbole, but unless you're into heroin, you probably don't often lose yourself the way I did enjoying the Chocolatta.

When I first came across it, I thought it was just another way to dupe people into paying more for a chocolate milkshake. But...I love being proved wrong. If I did have to explain the Chocolatta in words, I'll say it's a combination of thick, rich, dark, enveloping, roast-y chocolate flanked by a touch of sweetness - just enough to balance the depth of the chocolate, combined with whipped cream and blended with ice. It's everything I love about a milkshake, chocolate, and coffee (the roast-y goodness of the flavor) combined into one dessert. Of course, to get the full effect, you must experience it yourself.