Top 5 Limited Edition/Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors

A terrific ice cream treat is an easy and satisfying end to a summer supper, but while you're at the store, scan the frozen cases for new ice cream flavors. Again lured by the "limited edition" label, I have been exploring the world of seasonal ice creams. Here are five to try:

5. Peaches 'N' Cream (Turkey Hill). On my list of favored fruits, peaches fall somewhere in the middle. Add any sort of fatty sweet dairy to them and they significantly improve in ranking. With peach ice cream as well as peach slices, Turkey Hill's Peaches 'N' Cream seems at risk of peach overload, but surprisingly, it works quite well. Pick up a half gallon for June 21, National Peaches and Cream Day.

4. Triple Vanilla (Baskin-Robbins). Yes, yes, you can't find this at the grocery store. Also, the limits to this summer edition are far shorter than for other seasonal flavors: It's available only in June. So hurry! The trifecta of premium vanilla, vanilla bean and French vanilla (which provides those sunny yellow streaks) is a vanilla addict's dream and makes a wonderful base for sundaes.

3. Strawberry Shortcake (Breyer's). Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Shortcake Greek Frozen Yogurt is what you eat on a weeknight in a small bowl after a healthful dinner of steamed salmon and kale. Breyer's Strawberry Shortcake ice cream is what you cram by the scoopful into your mouth to alleviate some of the heat/heartburn from those jalapeño margaritas and spicy beef fajitas you had during weekend happy hour.

2. German Chocolate Cake Spectacular (Dreyer's). You must know that German chocolate cake is delicious, but did you know it's not from Deutschland? I think Sam German would be proud of this flavor, which combines dark chocolate cake chunks, chocolate ice cream and "caramel coconut swirl." That last component was lacking in coconut flavor, so I sprinkled some sweetened flakes on top.

1. Candy Bar Pie (Ben & Jerry's). Currently sold by the cone and cup at Ben & Jerry's shops, Candy Bar Pie might transition to pint status this summer. But it's still limited batch, so if you want to nurse your summer heartbreak with a triple scoop of peanut butter ice cream (aren't those four words in combination glorious?) studded with fudge flakes, nougat bits and pretzels, go now.