Pot Luck

Human Sushi Trays Come to Houston

Although the practice of nyotaimori, or using a human body as a sushi serving platter, is considered terribly declasse in Japan, that hasn't stopped clever restaurant and club owners from importing the practice to the United States. Combining "exotic" Japanese cuisine like sushi and sashimi with sex is a no-brainer, after all.

And while traditional nyotaimori involves a fully nude female model used as a serving plate, sanitation laws generally prevent fully nude models in the U.S. This doesn't seem to put a damper on diners' fun, however, as seen in the photos below.

The extremely rare practice doesn't show up in the Bayou City very often, perhaps because the City of Houston would throw a hard fit if its health inspectors knew that raw fish was being served off a mostly nude woman. Nevertheless, club-goers were able to enjoy that rare treat this past weekend at Candy.

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