Top 10 Foods to Eat à Deux

Some foods just aren't meant to be eaten solo. Instead, they just scream "date night" or, at least, "really, really close friend night." Here are ten foods best shared by two:

10. Fajitas In the Tex Mex haven of Houston, this is an obvious choice. While you can order fajitas by yourself, it usually still ends up being too much food and just not worth all that tortilla rolling effort. Besides, it's always fun when you reach that point in the relationship where your other half knows your taco specifications as well as you do and lovingly crafts one for your gustatory enjoyment.

9. Milkshake While technically anyone can enjoy a milkshake by themselves, there is something so nostalgically charming about plopping in two straws and sucking down the sweet creamy concoction while gazing lovingly at your other half, all the while knowing you're making the other restaurant patrons slightly queasy.

8. Hot Pot There is something intrinsically bonding about experiencing a culinary adventure with your date. Hot Pot is perfect for this. Not only is the concept fairly under-experienced by most Americans, you are, in essence, cooking together and likely feeding each other your successes, which is definitely a fun evening for two.

7. Bucket o' Chicken Nothing says romance like a big, greasy bucket o' chicken. But really, sometimes you don't want the dinky little single-serving meal - you want the friggin' bucket. And though it's still too much chicken for two people, you feel much more justified ordering the 14-piece mega-combo with someone else in the drive thru lane with you. Bonus points if one of you likes the white meat and the other dark meat.

6. Spanish-style tapas Tapas are a great date meal. Each person gets to select their favorite dishes, together you select a few more, and then it all comes out and is placed randomly on the communal table. You get to pass it around and offer each other bites of various and hopefully delicious and creative dishes. How could you really enjoy this on your own?

5. Pizza Though there are some places where you can grab a slice on the run, we generally think of pizza as a big pie that gets delivered to the house. And while eating a large thick crust pepperoni all by yourself is slightly sad, sharing it with your date while you catch up on your favorite shows together is essentially a party.

4. Fondue Ahh fondue... cheese, oil, chocolate. Whichever way your dip your fondue fork, this is not a food to be consumed alone. Half the fun is in cooking up little nibbles of deliciousness to gently feed your loved one. And we've even heard that it is tradition to kiss your date if you drop a piece of food into the pot. Let's hear it for tradition!

3. Banana Split Like its aforementioned cousin, the milkshake, splitting a banana "split" (there's a hint) has a nostalgia quotient that can't be beat. And playfully fighting for the cherry on top is always a fun moment. We advise you to give it to your date and see if they can tie it into a knot with their tongue.

2. Paella You ever notice how most places won't even let you order paella for one? While that seems a bit discriminatory, it is fun to get a steaming plate of arroz amarillo and teasingly squabble over divvying up the seafood goods.

1. Spaghetti While this may seem like an odd choice for the top spot, we implore you to think back many years and replay that scene from Lady and the Tramp in which they share a big plate of noodles and marinara. Didn't many of learn the true meaning of romance right then and there? And when the tramp nudges the last meatball over to Lady with his nose? Don't even pretend you didn't tear up.