Wine Time

Wine of the Week: Lost Summer California Rosé

So you're shocked, right? Yet another "light, crisp, refreshing" wine review comin' your way. But guess the cuss what? It's summer, it's hot, and some super-nice lady was providing samples of this wine at the grocery store a few weeks ago. And I'm a total sucker for samples. With that disclaimer in place, let's get to sippin' the Lost Summer California Rosé.

This rosé is one of the best around to cool you off. Not to be confused with the syrupy White Zinfandels out there, rosé is typically dry and crisp and all of those adjectives that mean refreshing and bright. This rosé is full of variety, with tart characteristics up front as well as a rich, smooth finish of almost red wine-esque depth.

Add into that sandwich the slight bitter dart of tannins as well as the initial aromas of strawberry and alcohol (this wine's got nice legs, if you know what I mean), and you've got a well-rounded chilled wine that can satisfy a red wine drinker's need for intensity and a white wine drinker's need for something refreshing.

If I had to somehow envision it as a movie, it'd have to be the Fantastic Mr. Fox; a lighthearted, mischievous, intelligent blend that satisfies on many levels.