Chef Chat

Chef Chat, Part 2: Ozzie Rogers of III Forks

Yesterday, EOW sat down with Chef and Proprietor Ozzie Rogers of III Forks Houston to discuss all things beef. Today, we find out what he likes to snack on when he's not behind the broiler. And then we talk more about beef.

Eating Our Words: You haven't been in Houston that long, but are there any places you like to eat when you're not working?

Ozzie Rogers: Well, like I said, my family is still in Fort Worth, so on the weekends I go see my children. I have not had a real opportunity to explore the Houston restaurant scene yet. I go to Del Frisco's because I'm good friends with them. I like Mia Bella for Italian food.

EOW: When you're in Fort Worth, do you cook?

OR: Usually my family wants me to take them out. But if I do cook, I love to grill. I still cook here at III Forks. On a busy night, you can find me manning the broiler or plating food or doing whatever needs to be done in the kitchen. I love cooking a good steak. We have excellent broilers here, so the steak turns out with a perfect char on the outside while still staying moist and tender in the middle.

EOW: Do you have any other steak tips for us, no pun intended?

OR: Never press down on a steak while you're cooking it. That releases all the juices and then the meat becomes dry. Even if someone comes in and orders a steak well done, you can still give them a moist, flavorful piece of meat.

EOW: That's really cool of you, in my opinion, because so many chefs turn their noses up when someone requests a piece of meat well done.

OR: Regardless of what anyone orders here, we are going to treat them well and give them good food. They are the ones eating the food, so it's my job to make them happy with what they order, whatever it may be.

Join us tomorrow when we sample some of Chef Ozzie's favorite menu items.