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What Would You Name Your Food Truck?

Seven Memorial Days ago, my best friend Todd and I placed third in Under the Volcano's annual gumbo cook off. Despite feeling robbed by the second-place team, whose "gumbo" tasted like a bland can of Progresso, our feelings were bolstered by a woman who asked us to cater her upcoming house party.

Subsequent conversations led to us discussing the possibility of launching a catering business in the moonlight of our real jobs. That morphed into a follow-up, High Life-fueled chat about how we should buy an old taco truck and sell gumbo, high-quality coffee and whatever else we could muster to dwellers of remote office parks and festival-goers.

Unfortunately, we never got past the naming stage of the project. Two awful ideas that I had were:

Southern Comfort: aside from clashing with the whiskey brand, we could have been confused for the seedy strip joint in Gonzales, LA.

Gumbo & Joe: Who wants to eat gumbo during a sweltering Houston summer (#HIWI)? Plus, it sounds like a bad rip-off of "Turner & Hooch."

The current food truck craze makes me wonder what we would have named our truck had we followed through on the concept.

What would you name your food truck? Would it be concept-driven or Tweet-tastic? Sound off in the comments.

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