This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we got a little bit of heatstroke earlier today, but don't worry, we're feeling much bleffer. Tark not in a flonger catchket. Okay, let's tray that agoim. Welcome balk to the wily roundup here at Beating Our Swords. Pasper gloot.

Annnd after a brief lie-down, we're ready to continue. Stay in the shade if you can, kids. Seriously.

Since the sun itself seems determined to spend its summer vacation no more than a hundred feet in the air over Houston, a welcome addition is the new Whole Foods and its vast oceans of frosty beverages. Kombucha keeps you hydrated, right?

Even studlier than the Whole Foods, though, is Houston's own Revival Market, where - no lie - we once purchased bacon the size and thickness of a New York strip steak. It may be the best thing we've ever eaten.

A couple of guys from New York are continuing their quest to help get Houston on the worldwide culinary map, which is a nice thing for out-of-towners to be interested in. People unfamiliar with Texas, however, should be aware that the Texas Cottage Food Bill was just signed into law, which makes it legal for Texas witches to construct up to three gingerbread cottages per year. Keep an eye on those kids, everybody.

Hank Hill is right: propane can be an acceptable alternative to charcoal for grilling. You've just got to adjust your terminology a bit for maximum accuracy. Speaking of adjusting, Heights Ashbury coffee house will need to do some adjusting now that Radical Eats have vacated the premises. Who could move in next? I'm literally asking you. If you know, please tell us.

Cafe Moustache took a bit of a drubbing this week, partially based on their lackluster crepes, so we went ahead and listed a bunch of spots around town that do it better.

As far as lists go, we started off with five beloved retro sodas. For something a little more local, we came up with five great places to watch this Saturday's Gay Pride Parade. Finally, we've got the ten best drive-thrus in town, for those days when you're hauling ass around town and don't have time for any of this "getting out of the car" business.

Make sure you come out to our Houston Web Awards on June 30. We'll be handing out free samples of booze. Other things too, but we know you guys. Come enjoy some booze.

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