Takeout Fish and Chicken Tacos at Taco Milagro

Two years ago I went to Taco Milagro, and I wasn't a fan. I thought it was overpriced and underwhelming. Also, it took forever to get the food, which I guess is a moot point since I didn't like it much anyway. From that point forward, I relied on Chuy's and Ruchi's as my neighborhood takeout Tex-Mex joints.

After Taco Milagro provided some decent catering for a department party I attended, I decided it deserved a second chance, so I ordered two traditional fish tacos, plus one extra chicken taco for variety. I got the order to go.

Like last time, I waited at least 15 minutes for my food. This visit, however, I spent the time more productively, filling ten-plus containers with condiments from the salsa bar.

At home I was amused to find the good people at Taco Milagro had arranged my food in a TV dinner-style plastic tray. How did they know I was going to eat as I watched Teen Mom? Well, I guess no one chows down on tacos while reading philosophy.

The chicken taco was just so-so. I have no complaints about the tender white meat, but cheese rather than aioli would have been a more fitting accompaniment (perhaps someone confused it with one my fish tacos).

But the fish tacos, bursting with lightly breaded fillets, fresh shredded lettuce, and pico de gallo, were excellent. Some additional globs of refried beans from the other component of my TV tray made them even heartier, albeit messier. I'm glad I gave it another try.

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