Pot Luck

Comments of the Day

Katharine Shilcutt had a meal at the "absurd" Jimmy Changa's, and readers weighed in with their own, diverse opinions.

Said John Davis:

I don't think the Gringos people have had an original thought in their lives. Their restaurants are knock-offs of other successful places with lousy food. I can't fathom why you might recommend anyone visit a place where a seafood enchilada tasted like a used fishtank.

If I wanted to go to Lupe Tortilla and I lived in Pearland, I'd go to the Lupe's at 288 and 518 rather than go to a rip-off of the concept that's poorly executed.

Maybe if they spent more time on the menu and less time on the "concept" they might open a restaurant I would eat at.

Countered Texas Redtop:

Maybe we should tell them all that it stinks so we won't have such crowds there. Everyone I know that has eaten there has loved it. I wouldn't say I loved it, but I more than liked it. Can't wait to try the bacon-wrapped shrimp and the beef fajitas. The manager told me they use Gulf shrimp, which is a must for me when I eat shrimp.

Cheers, mates -- and stay off those roads tonight! Even we wouldn't risk our lives for a Friday-night margarita...