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Bartender Chat: Kayla Moore of Cyclone Anaya's

Although you couldn't tell by looking at her, Kayla Moore isn't from around here. In fact, the bartender, who currently slings tequila at Cyclone Anaya's CityCentre location, is from a tiny town called Alpena, Arkansas, population 371. Why did she come to Houston? "I wanted to live in a big city. There are more opportunities here. I love it here! It's so diverse. There are so many different kinds of people."

Kayla begin bartending several years ago when her parents threw parties where she tested out her mixology skills. She found making drinks enjoyable, so bartending was a natural fit for her, though she is currently toying with the idea of law school. "I really want to be a lawyer," she explains, "but I love this job, too, so I don't know right now."

Though Kayla works in an environment that supports the mass consumption of tequila, she prefers beer and Jaeger. Here absolute favorite shot is a starfucker, which is a combination of Crown Royal, Watermelon Pucker, and Red Bull. Since it was two in the afternoon when we chatted, I refrained from sampling the shot, though I did try small sips of some of the lesser known tequilas available at the Mexican food eatery. The signature tequila is a single-barrel version of Casa Noble, only available at Cyclone Anaya's. It was dangerously smooth and drinkable. Ask Kayla for a taste when she's there Wednesday through Sunday nights.

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