The Five Best Underrated Kolaches in Houston (According to You)

Despite the fact that the rest of the country probably has no idea what one is, this latest poll proved that Houstonians surely do know (and love) their kolaches. Thanks all for the awesome input!

After plenty of chatter and a few Internet fights in the commentary, we actually learned quite a bit. For instance, kolache is actually plural for kolach, meaning the word kolaches really makes no sense and most of us Texans have been writing and saying it wrong for just about forever. Thanks, joshwebster! Also, there were some super fun arguments about how "real" kolache are sweet pastries filled with fruit, cream cheese and poppy seeds, while the savory meat-filled variety is really a klobasnek. Feel free to chime in on whether any of that matters or not, but we're moving on to the good stuff -- the results from our narrowed down poll!

Our top spot garnered an astounding 63 percent of the votes, with nearly 700 of y'all passionately proclaiming your love. It's that kind of enthusiasm that makes us want to eat a bunch of kolaches - no wait, kolache -- right about now.

Czech out who won it along with the 4 other worthy contenders, as voted by you:

4. El Bolillo

Despite what one may think, this Mexican panadería doesn't just specialize in bolillos and tres leches. They dabble in Czech cuisine, too! And as our poll shows, it's apparent y'all couldn't be happier about that. So next time you're picking up pan dulce, grab a few killer pickled jalapeños and cream cheese and fruit-filled kolache, too.

3. Tie: Three Brother's Bakery & Morning Kolaches

Two spots garnered the exact same number of votes, earning both of them a coveted spot on the list.

The 65-year-old Three Brother's Bakery is not an underrated bakery by any means, but it may not be the first place you think of when you want kolaches. Well maybe you should...because these guys are clearly pastry and bread making masters. Stop by one of four locations to pick up a large and in charge jalapeño, sausage, and cheese kolache -- but go early, because the popular treats sell out quick!

Morning Kolaches, which started as one small Clear Lake shop in 1991 and has now expanded to five locations, doesn't mess around when it comes to their namesake food. Reader jenniferryan22 thinks "Every flavor is great! Cream cheese, jalapeño popper, Ham and Swiss! On nom nom." Nom nom is right.

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