Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich at Ziggy's

For a restaurant known for its healthy dining options, Ziggy's Bar & Grill has an impressive edge when it comes to junk food of the highest order. To wit: The grilled mac & cheese sandwich seen above.

The story of the grilled mac & cheese sandwich -- a special, limited-time creation inspired by Eating Our Words -- is simple. When our commenters and Twitter followers began oohing and ahhing over the mac & cheese burger Chef Jason Kerr is serving at his food truck, Zilla Eats, I looked upon that creation with just as much longing as anyone else. But my longing for mac & cheese between bread took a different path.

I wished for a grilled cheese sandwich with mac & cheese in the middle.

And earlier this week, after an extremely disappointing visit to the sad little salad bar at the downtown YMCA for lunch, I saw that Ziggy's had answered my prayers. A Twitter update on January 17 simply read, "For our Twitter friends. Available at either location, just ask for it. Good with soup." And attached to that Tweet, a picture of a grilled mac & cheese sandwich.

I threw away my disgusting salad and headed to Ziggy's location on Fairview and Taft immediately. Fifteen minutes (and a slightly confused waiter) later, I was holding the sandwich I craved. Fat curls of cavatappi coated in cheese between two slices of crisped wheat bread, which held up admirably to all the creamy pasta within.

The only thing I wished for as I polished it off was that it was a true grilled cheese sandwich with macaroni and cheese in the middle. At Ziggy's the sandwich was simply mac & cheese between two pieces of toasted bread.

But you can't have it all, right? And just the sheer fact that there's a grilled mac & cheese sandwich out there in the world now is enough for me.