Off the Wall: An Anonymous Apple Pie a la Cheese

There were many inspiring comments from last week, but none better than the one from the ever popular and nameless Anonymous, in regards to Joanna O'Leary's post "Kraft Singles, Not Cool-Whip, On Pie."

"I've never tried it, but my Grandfather from Chicago used to say 'apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.' I've always preferred ice cream on apple pie, but I may have to give this a shot."

Well, Anonymous, looks like I beat you to the punch. I headed over to Flying Saucer Pie Company, plunked down $2.50 for a slice of fresh apple pie, and headed home.

Once at my abode, I plated the pie, added my slice of mild cheddar cheese, and zapped it in the microwave for 40 seconds. The moment of truth was upon me. I reluctantly took a bite -- and was instantaneously hooked. Maybe a sharp cheddar would have yielded a different outcome, but the mild version blended well with the pie and added a wonderful gooiness to the dessert.

This latest culinary experience proves yet again that just about everything is better with a slice of cheese on top.

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