5 Eggs Benedicts to Try in Houston

With Easter looming, I've got eggs on the brain. After a recent brinner in which I feasted upon "Eggs Chesapeake," poached eggs with Hollandaise over crab cakes, I've been pondering other variations on traditional Eggs Benedict. Here are five to try in Houston:

5. Eggs Sardou. Looking for a low carb take on EB? Brennan's "eggs sardou" still has the Hollandaise but replaces the English muffin and ham with an artichoke bottom and creamed spinach. Remember, I said "low carb," not "low fat."

4. Southern Benedict. Breakfast can be spotty at Le Peep; however, the Southern Benedict is more hit than miss. With poached eggs dressed with diced grilled chicken, tomato, Hollandaise, and cheddar cheese (all over English muffins), the Southern Benedict certainly sticks to your ribs and is a steal at just under ten bucks.

3. Backstreet Benedict At Backstreet Cafe, each poached egg rests on cheddar chive biscuit in between layers of Canadian bacon and Hollandaise. A mound of grits and grilled asparagus rounds out this lovely plate. And that's not always the only variation available: word on the street is that a LOBSTER Eggs Benedict is sometimes also offered as a special.

2. Cajun Benedict. If you're willing to tolerate poky service (and some Yelpers aren't), go to Farrago World Cuisine, where crawfish cream sauce stands in for Hollandaise on poached eggs atop bacon and homemade biscuits.

1. Southwestern Cornbread Benedict.. The Daily Review Cafe adds a down-home kick by utilizing a cornbread base and jalapeno bacon for their poached eggs with "charred tomato" Hollandaise. I don't know exactly how "charring" a tomato differs from burning it, but, hey, a little black carbon glaze tastes real good on a vegetable.

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