10 Things to Do Before Labor Day: My 2013 Summer To-Do List

Summer's back, and although it feels like it's here to stay, Labor Day has its way of creeping up on you. Every year, I give myself a list of things I'd like to accomplish before the end of summer (this usually involves a promise of nightly laps in the pool that I never ever do).

Last year, I thought it'd be fun to give my taste buds a list of their own. And it was. So this year, I'm doing it again.

From Steak Nights I've been eyeing to a Moroccan-themed party by the pool, here's my Summer To-Do List:

10. Go on a taco crawl with friends.

9. Follow that with a tequila crawl.

8. Pack a killer picnic to bring to a day at the beach. Fill ice-cold coolers with sliced watermelon, lobster salad, crisp white wine, and crusty baguettes.

7. Dress to the nines for a fancy-pants, al fresco meal and finish the night at the diviest bar I can find.

6. Throw a themed potluck party by the pool at night. I'm thinknig Arabian Nights with minted (and spiked) iced tea, couscous and zucchini salads, spiced chickpeas, grilled lamb chops, and more.

5. Find and demolish Houston's best brownie sundae.

4. Head to the farmer's market early one Saturday, pick up tons of fresh berries and bake a pie to share (hopefully accompanied by a bottle of wine at the pool) that night.

3. Make a DIY Popcorn Bar for a movie night with friends.

2. Host my own beer fest. Have everyone bring their favorite 6-pack of craft beer to share and serve grilled sausages, soft pretzels and mustard, cheeses, and pickled beets.

1. Hunt for the best local Steak Night. A hard job, but someone's gotta do it.

**Bonus (and only because I majorly failed last year): Finally make homemade jam. With blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries in season, summer is the perfect time.