Friday Night: Kiss & Mötley Crüe at The Woodlands

Kiss, Mötley Crüe Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion August 3, 2012

"I used to rock and roll all night and party ev-er-y day. Then it was every other day. Now I'm lucky to find half an hour a week in which to get funky."

-- Homer Simpson

Getting old can be a drag, to paraphrase some guy, but how you've treated yourself to that point can affect how well you manage the inevitable descent into decrepitude. Those who find acceptance in their station in life also tend to weather their autumn years more gracefully than those who cling to past glory.

And that intro would've worked great if Mötley Crüe had put on as half-assed a show as Rocks Off was expecting on The Tour with Kiss last Friday night. Truth be told, they were better than anticipated, giving us probably the second best of the four Crüe shows we've seen (the first being 1987's Girls, Girls, Girls concert at the Summit), making a swampy August evening in the Woodlands a little more tolerable.

Oh, and Kiss was pretty damn good, too.