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Top 10 Zaniest "Call Me Maybe" Covers & Remixes

In case if you haven't heard Canadian songstress Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," above is the song's official music video. You can also find this jam, which is currently comfortably sitting at the very top of the Billboard charts, blaring after about every other song on most top-hit radio stations.

"Call Me Maybe" festers in your head, an obvious attribute of a top hit song. It's undeniably catchy. Many may even feel the great urge to burst out and sing the chorus wherever and whenever they hear this song in passing.

Better yet, this Canadian song truly gained buzz after beloved fellow Canadian pop star Justin Bieber tweeted about it. Jepsen largely attributed the move of her song into the U.S. charts to lil' Bieber.

Now that you're educated with the abridged history of how "Call Me Maybe" came to be a hit song, enter the further ridiculous remixes, covers and outright parodies. It became a fad in itself to make those.

There are now thousands of remixes, covers, parodies of this song. For your pleasure, here are a few of the most notable.

10. "Call Me Maybe" -- With More Cowbell

Add more cowbell and suddenly this song has an indescribable edge.

9. "Call Me Maybe... PSYCH!"

This one is just plain mean.

8. Cookie Monster, "Share It Maybe"

In this cover, Cookie Monster is teaching you good values in learning to share, maybe.